Team Communication Just Got Easier with OneIPM’s Introduction of @Mentions and Email Notifications

Team Communication Just Got Easier with OneIPM’s Introduction of @Mentions and Email Notifications

At OneIPM, our priority is making teamwork seamless and communication more effective. We’re excited to unveil our latest update that introduces two game-changing features: @Mentions and Email Notifications. These additions are designed to make your team interactions more efficient and ensure that no important message is ever missed.

@Mentions: Enhancing Interactions

Taking the lead in our list of new features are @Mentions in both Comments and Task Details. By simply typing “@” followed by a team member’s username, you can directly address them in your comments or task details. This not only ensures that your messages reach the right people at the right time, but it also encourages dynamic and interactive discussions, making teamwork a breeze.

Email Notifications: Stay in the Loop

With our new Email Notifications system, you’re always up to date. You’ll receive notifications for task assignments and @mentions, ensuring you’re in the loop with your project’s progress and team interactions. This efficient system means less time checking in and more time getting things done.

All notifications are sent from the email address If you are not receiving notifications, please check you spam folder or try sending an email to to inform you email system that this is an email address you trust.

Notifications are enabled by default. If you wish to limit the notifications you receive, please see the new Notifications tab on the Settings dialog as seen in the screenshot below.

Rich Text Formatting: Express Clearly

Effective communication is not just about what you say, but how you say it. That’s why we’ve enhanced and standardized Rich Text Formatting across OneIPM. Now, you can emphasize your points, organize your thoughts, and convey your ideas more effectively. With options like bold, italics, underlines, lists, emojis 🎉, and many more features, to make your comments as expressive as in-person communication.

Feature Studio: Streamlining Document Management

We’re excited to introduce the integration of Feature Studio into our Documents view. Now you can see all Feature Studio’s contained in a document just as you have always been able to do with Parts, Assemblies, Imported Files, etc. And you can easily assign tasks to Feature Studios as well as download the associated source code.

And more…

We have also added a new field to Tasks to track the Started On date. This field is also shown when viewing a project board in list view.

Below is a brief video demonstrating some of the highlights from this latest release of OneIPM.