Getting Started

How to subscribe and start OneIPM for the first time
Note: Be sure to check out the Getting Started video on our YouTube channel for a quick tutorial.


  • Visit the Onshape App Store
  • Sign in to Onshape
  • Click on the OneIPM app
  • Click on the Subscribe button.

Start OneIPM

  1. In Onshape, you will see several OneIPM buttons as show in the image (A) to the right. Access OneIPM by clicking on any one of those buttons. ( more info here)
  2. (optional) Add a OneIPM tab (C) by clicking on the "+" button, then Add Application... then OneIPM (B).
  3. This optional OneIPM Tab (C), when added to a document, will show a full-window view of OneIPM.


  • Authorize OneIPM to work with Onshape
  • Authenticate using your Onshape login credentials (you will be taken to Onshape's login for this part).

Next steps:

  • Visit our YouTube channel for a series of How To videos to get you started
  • See the How To section of this website for detailed help on using OneIPM
Authorize Application

Note: Once the steps above have been completed, you can also optionally access OneIPM from a web browser (standalone mode, outside Onshape) by going to